Generator issues persist at the post

Generator issues persist at the post
The General Post Office (GPO) on East Hill Street.

For the second day, employees at the general post office on East Hill Street were forced out of the building, as generator issues persisted, causing sub-par working conditions.

The generator has since been fixed and electricity supply has been returned to the building.

However, according to Acting Post Manager Jennifer Johnson, the generator does not have the capacity to run the air conditioning simultaneously.

“Unfortunately, the generator does not have the power to carry the air conditioning system,” Johnson said.

“And so there is no air conditioning in the building. Right now the air quality is really very poor and persons are having difficulties, myself as well, breathing.”

She said this interruption at the general post office not only affects local residents but family islanders as well.

“Especially where it comes to their transport of funds via the telegraph money order system. The central, General Post Office is the only office where these telegrams come directly from the family islands,” she said.

“And so, persons cannot collect their funds and in many cases it is important.

“Persons have small businesses where they make purchases with the local merchants and so those local merchants are expecting their funds before they put their goods on the mail boat so it’s a multiplier effect when the general office cannot operate.”


This article was written by TAJARO HUDSON, Eyewitness News intern.