General Post relocation gets moving

General Post relocation gets moving
Phil's Food Services Building.

The government has finally completed the acquisition process to secure the old Phil’s Food Services building on Gladstone Road, which will be transformed into the General Post Office, according to Minister of Transport and Local Government Frankie Campbell.

The Free National Movement (FNM) administration announced in late March that it was in the process of acquiring a new location for the general post office.

Campbell confirmed Tuesday that government is now in the second phase of its efforts in the relocation of the general mail hub.

“All of the relevant ministries and agencies are now coming together to coordinate the next step and I am satisfied that shortly thereafter, work will begin,” Campbell said.

“I know that workers at the post office have been waiting a long time for this to happen, so we are working toward making this happen.”

In tandem with the relocation exercise, the Ministry of Transport is also working to ensure that adequate busing is in place to provide easy access via public transportation, confirmed Campbell.

He also assured that a satellite postal station will be established in Downtown, Nassau, to continue to service customers in the area.

“For those persons who were of the view that there would be no representation of postal services in the downtown area, we will have a satellite station so that persons who live nearby and businesses in the area will still have the ability to access,” he said.

Campbell was unable to state the price tag attached to the acquisition of the new location and was also unable to state how much the entire relocation exercise will cost.

He was however, eager to confirm that the relocation process from East Hill Street to Gladstone Road, will be completed by the end of the year.