GB MP Iram Lewis abandoned the athletes

GB MP Iram Lewis abandoned the athletes
Member of Parliament for Central Grand Bahama, Iram Lewis.


I cannot believe that the Free National Movement game plan is to destroy the hopes and dreams of our children. I refuse to think that the newest policy of the FNM is to dismantle anything positive for our children to look forward to.

We all know that the Ministry of Youth and Sports have come a long way and Danny Johnson worked feverishly to bring the Bahamas up to scratch to making our mark internationally.

I dare anyone to say that sports tourism has not increased considerably under the previous administration.

Now, can anyone who are sensible enough in government to explain how and why the World Relays will be canceled. No retarded spin is necessary, just common sense logic as to why this would make complete sense.

These plays and events similar are what our children need to be exposed to in order for them to see where they can get if they were disciplined, focused, dedicated enough.  Our up and coming athletes would see the seriousness needed to be world class. What can be wrong with that?

Sports serves as the catalyst for students to advance and put themselves to attain scholarships. This bodes well in strengthening the country.  So sports is most important! Pus it keeps them preoccupied with something positive.  The devil finds work for idle hands to do.

But what is most baffling is that the FNM has in the ranks Iram Lewis, a former executive of the BAAA.  Mr. Lewis is a former athlete who could talk sense in the Prime Ministers head about the value of sports toward building a nation.

I must ask if Mr. Lewis really became part of the BAAA for himself or to build a country through sports.  Did he selfishly get involve to grandstand or otherwise? It is now patently clear that he was in it for himself.

If not, how could the government arrive at this assassin conclusion and not a crack from Lewis.  Mr. Lewis, you failed the youth that you pretended to be fighting for.

You can redeem yourself by gathering the guts and speak out against this foolish move.  We are waiting to see in Mr. Lewis has one ounce of courage or he is just like the rest, afraid of his own shadow.

Everyone who knows me could attest to the fact that I am obsessed with the progress of children.

Ivoine W. Ingraham