GB electrician says license was used without his knowledge

GB electrician says license was used without his knowledge

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Michael Neymour Sr., the man reportedly at the heart of a police investigation involving the alleged theft of electricity at Grand Bahama Power through the use of energy-saving devices, on Tuesday sought to defend his reputation after serving as an electrician in the Grand Bahama community for more than 40 years.

In a television interview that aired on the northern service of ZNS, Neymour, flanked by his lawyer K. Brian Hanna, claimed that his business license was used without his knowledge, to install the devices that were supposed to help consumers reduce their energy bills.

Over the past two weeks, the Cooper family, the owners of several fast food chains in the nation’s second city, were initially accused of stealing electricity by the Grand Bahama Power Company (GBPC). However, following an intense investigation, GBPC stated that the Coopers were actually the victims and an approved licensee of the Grand Bahama Power Company was responsible for installing the “bogus” devices.

At a press conference held in Grand Bahama two weeks ago, the Cooper family named Neymour as the individual that they purchased the energy-saving devices from. They also claimed that they were paying a monthly fee for its use.

But yesterday, Neymour said he was never involved in any contractual agreement with any of the named entities involved.

“I was not involved in the stealing of electricity or energy saving devices whatsoever,” he said.

“My license was used in this manner of me not knowing. I have never entered into any agreement with my license.”

Neymour also alleged that whoever is responsible completed the work for various business under his name, Neymour’s Electrical Contractors.

“Someone fraudulently used my licensee in these negotiations and I have no idea who did this,” Neymour said.

When asked if his son could have possibly used his licensee to complete the work, Neymour said he will allow the police to continue with their investigation.

Meanwhile, police are said to be following several leads in the matter.