Gardiner ‘perfectly fine’ after Stockholm 200

Gardiner ‘perfectly fine’ after Stockholm 200
Steven Gardiner

According to Olympian Steven Gardiner, it was a miscue and not an injury that contributed to an eighth-place finish in the men’s 200-meter (m) dash on Sunday in Stockholm, Sweden.

In an interview with Eyewitness News Sports, Gardiner denied suffering an injury during the race, and added that he was fully healthy and ready to compete again.

“I took a bad step in the curve and couldn’t recover,” Gardiner said.

“I wasn’t injured though, that’s how come I was able to still finish the race. I never said that I was injured though. I’m fine.”

Gardiner was in the mix up until the 75m mark, when he took the misstep and fell to the back of the pack, and eventually out of contention. He eventually crossed the line in 23.35 seconds.

Ramil Guliyev, from Turkey, won the race in 19.92 seconds.