Gambling Addiction Symposium set for Oct. 31

Gambling Addiction Symposium set for Oct. 31
Bahamas Gaming Operators Association President, Gershan Major.

The Bahamas Gaming Operators Association (BGOA) on Thursday announced its intention to partner with the Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre, along with the Public Hospitals Authority (PHA), to host a free all-day gambling addiction symposium at the Church of God of Prophecy, Joe Farrington Road, on October 31. The symposium is expected to begin at 8:30 a.m.

The Bahamas Gaming Operators Association (BGOA) is a non-profit organization that represents the majority of the licensees of the domestic gaming industry.

“The Gambling Addiction Symposium aims to educate and create awareness on the need to game responsibly and to provide information to the general public on the kinds of assistance available to help those ‘at-risk,’ patrons, who may abuse this form of entertainment,” outlined a release issued yesterday from the BGOA.

“The symposium also aims to highlight the immensely important partnerships the domestic gaming industry has forged with some of the professional organizations and individuals who are qualified to not only speak on the issues of addiction but who can also provide solutions for rehabilitation and recovery.”

In keeping with the BGOA’s mandate to create awareness, educate, and advocate on behalf of its operator members, it has established a partnership with the Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre in May of this year. The purpose of the partnership was to increase the capacity building and facilitate the up-skilling of a number of the professionals trained in the area of addiction, to become internationally certified, specifically in the area of gambling addiction.

Since establishing this partnership, the BGOA has provided $30,000 in sponsorship for five professionals from Sandilands to receive this specialized training and qualifications via courses in the United States. Those persons are expected to be completed with their specialized training in December 2018.

“All of this was aligned to the domestic gaming industry’s robust responsible gaming policy, whose programs are now standardized across all operator members,” the BGOA statement read.

“Additionally, the BGOA recognized that in a highly regulated environment, and in keeping with international best practices, it was obliged to ensure a safety net was in place to help those patrons, who may need assistance and/or would require professional intervention to treat their disorder and at no cost to them.

“The global standards of responsible gaming policies and programs in the US & in the UK, formed some of the foundational pillars for the Bahamas’ domestic gaming industry’s own responsible gaming initiatives. The industry believes in the protection of its patrons by ensuring they are aware and educated on all aspects of how to enjoy gaming both responsibly and in moderation.”

The BGOA also encourages persons, who may be unable to make the symposium, to visit the BGOA’s office at #41, Top of the hill Mackey Street (green building), opposite the Super Value Plaza or contact our hotline at 242.603.2083, its whatsapp number at 242.808.9509 or e-mail,, for immediate assistance or additional information. For more information contact: Krista Gilbert @ 603-2083 or


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