Gambier Primary celebrates PM

Gambier Primary celebrates PM
Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis (centre) celebrates belated birthday festivities with students and staff at the Gambier Primary School.

Lunchtime at Gambier Primary School took a different spin Monday as students treated Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis to an afternoon of song and dance to celebrate his recent birthday.

A busy schedule, packed with several international missions, kept Dr. Minnis away from home on his birthday on April 17. Albeit a belated celebration, students said, “it’s better late than never!”

The institution holds a special place in Dr. Minnis’ heart because it is located within his Kilarney constituency.

Students performed a number of gospel and cultural songs for the prime minister and his wife, who was also present for the festivities.

While the students planned to gift the prime minister with an afternoon of performances, Dr. Minnis had a few surprises up his sleeve for the youngsters as well.

The prime minister huddled the entire school to the front of the compound, and sat under a shady tree to read the students an afternoon story. He also presented the school with over two-dozen story books, which will be added to its library collection.

The prime minister expressed his thanks to the students and staff at Gambier Primary for their efforts.

The prime minister turned 64 this year.