Fusion Superplex to enforce weekend policy on minors

Fusion Superplex to enforce weekend policy on minors
Fusion Superplex. (FILE PHOTO)

NASSAU, BAHAMAS- Minors will not be allowed to enter Fusion Superplex without an adult on the weekends.

Fusion Marketing and Social Media Manager Timothy Bain explained the entertainment facility has taken steps to curb a growing trend of teens loitering in the lobby area.

Children under the age of 18 will not be allowed to enter without an adult after 8pm on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, according to Bain.

He stressed the move was not linked to a brawl that broke out between an adult and a minor last Saturday.

“From the start, the business model was to have something for all ages,” Bain said.

“We never wanted to be a place where we could turn away people but we always had a no loitering policy. On Saturdays, we have a lot of people just hanging out in the lobby.

“It’s not that they can’t come. There is a lower-level play area for kids aged four to 12 and the game room for people aged five to 80.

Bain continued: “We intended for the teens to come hang out in the game room but over last few weeks we have seen the lobby get jam-packed. We are not the mall.

“So we are putting emphasis on it now. We encourage people to still come to the Starbucks lounge. We have such a large Starbucks lounge with coffee and ice-cream so come and enjoy that, but we don’t want hundreds of people just standing around.”



Its about time you guys wisen. That place was a sitting time bomb, with a serious incident waiting to happen. Too many kids hanging out like its a mall or kids high school party. Fusion needs more security walkabouts and police presence. I was about to stop coming if your policy hadn’t changed!

I’m glad you guys are enforcing the policy. Two before the brawl i told my boyfriend the place was too full of idol teens. It had to been more than 100 kids hanging
around at the entrance and the lobby area

It’s about TIME!!!! People dont wait for the weekend to unwind and catch a good movie to end up not enjoying themselves because of all the wild teenagers who loiter in the lobby and bathrooms. Sometimes you cant even get pass bcs of the amount of traffic with the teens. You would be surprised at the things you see them doing in the bathrooms. If this policy didnt come as soon as this did. Fusion would’ve lost alot of CUSTOMERS!!!!!!!!!!!! BELIEVE THAT

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