Fusion “alarmed” at continued closure while mall is crammed

Fusion “alarmed” at continued closure while mall is crammed
Fusion Superplex. (FILE PHOTO)

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Fusion Superplex executives last night said they were alarmed” by the fact that the entertainment venue has not been afforded the opportunity to reopen along with other businesses of similar infrastructure and implement the proposed COVID-19 protocols.

Their comments came as images and videos circulated on social media of a crowded Mall at Marathon.

Tecoyo Bridgewater, Fusion’s co-owner and legal counsel, told Eyewitness News: “I was alarmed by the circulating images and videos of the Mall at Marathon and at the fact that Fusion Superplex wasn’t afforded a similar opportunity to implement the proposed COVID protocols to reopen along with other businesses with similar structural infrastructure that could accommodate sufficient social distancing.”

Bridgewater added: “We would like to be provided with the opportunity for a level playing field, to ensure the return to employ and continued employment of our approximately 350-plus employees, who provide for themselves and their families. The impact of Fusion’s continued closure is indirectly affecting on average 1,400 Bahamian citizens. Therefore, it is economically imperative for us to reopen as soon as possible.”

According to Bridgewater, the entertainment facility is primed for COVID safety measure implementation.

“Our 100,000 square feet of space offers similar advantages as the mall — we have high ceilings, we have an HVAC cooling system that filters the internal air, our VIP cinemas have built-in social distancing couple seating, separated by privacy barriers. We also provide, allow tickets to be purchased online. Unlike our competitor, we have assigned seating which allows us to block out certain seats in our other cinemas. We have an on-staff custodian team ready to sanitize areas and maintain all COVID protocols. We just require the opportunity to reopen,” said Bridgewater.

The multimillion-dollar facility had planned to reopen in July after the initial lockdown period ended in June, but it was never granted approval. The facility boasts the only IMAX theater in The Bahamas, 4DX cinema, XS3 cinema, Pure VIP theaters, a kids zone and an arcade.