Freedom Farm plans to honor longtime members

Organizers of the Freedom Farm Baseball League plan to honor some of its long time members this month with a gala banquet at the Holy Cross Anglican Church.
According to Freedom Farm founder Greg Burrows, the event is being put on to honor some of the mentors that have worked behind the scenes to make the league what it is today. Currently, over 500 kids are enrolled in the Freedom Farm league.
The banquet takes place May 15 beginning at 7 p.m.
“There are some people that have been here with us working for over 20 years, ensuring that our athletes receive proper coaching and guidance as they come up the ranks,” Burrows said. “About 30 members will be honored, and all teams that compete in the league will be in attendance. Pro athletes continue to come from this program, along with teams that travel and do well. So, it’s only right that we highlight the people that work hard to keep things running.”