Freedom Farm opens 2019 season

Freedom Farm opens 2019 season

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – The Freedom Farm Baseball League officially opened its 2019 regular season over the weekend.

According to Freedom Farm founder Greg Burrows Sr., over 500 student-athletes are registered to compete this year, increasing the odds of discovering elite level talent.

Several of the country’s top minor league players were on hand for the launch, including Anfernee Seymour (Miami Marlins), Lucius Fox (Tampa Bay Rays), Larry Alcime (Pittsburgh Pirates), Todd Isaacs (Cleveland Indians), Jasrado Chisholm (Arizona Diamondbacks) and Dominic Collie (Arizona Diamondbacks).

“We think that parents trust us with kids for more than just baseball reasons,” Burrows said. “Yeah, you get exposure and learn fundamentals. You even get a chance to work closely with professional players when they are here. However, I think the main thing the parents love is the discipline we help to instill in the kids.

“We’re all about discipline. Taking ownership of your mistakes, being accountable, being honest and dependable. All of those things are important if you want to make it to the next level of anything you want to do in life. We might be a little tough, but that’s life. It’s tough. So, we start to drill these principles from a young age, so that they can operate as leaders at home, at school, and eventually at work.”

The opening celebration began with a worship service for athletes, sponsors, parents and coaches at Holy Cross Anglican Church.

Following the service, the seven divisions lined up for a parade to the Freedom Farm Fields.

At the field, last year’s winners received their trophies, and Chief Aliv Officer (CAO) Damian Blackburn through the opening pitch.

Aliv serves as the chief sponsor of the grassroots baseball league.