Frank Smith’s attorney’s awaiting new evidence, trial resumes today

Frank Smith, centre, with his legal team.

The extortion case of former Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Senator Frank Smith resumes today following a delay yesterday that was brought on by some outstanding evidence that has not been reviewed by the defense.

Smith’s legal team told the court that there were documents from the Public Hospitals Authority (PHA), that they have not seen, that may impact the case.

Attorney Damian Gomez told presiding Magistrate Joyann Ferguson-Pratt that they are still waiting on a business license and value added tax (VAT) returns receipts.

The magistrate adjourned the case to today at 10 a.m., after Smiths lead attorney Keith Knight said he was not feeling well.

Smith is accused of extorting $60,000 from Barbara Hanna, owner of Magic Touch Cleaning Company, after he allegedly assisted her in obtaining a contract to clean the Critical Care Unit (CCU) of Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH), while he served as chairman of the PHA.


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