Frank Smith case resumes today

Frank Smith case resumes today
Former Senator Frank Smith with his wife Sharlyn Smith. (Photo credit: Torrell Glinton)

Health Minister Dr. Duane Sands is expected to give testimony in the extortion case against former Progressive Liberal Party  (PLP) Senator Frank Smith which resumes today, Eyewitness News understands.

Smith is accused of Extorting $60,000 from Barbara Hanna, owner of Magic Touch Cleaning Company.

It is alleged that Smith assisted Hanna in obtaining a contract to clean the Critical Care Unit (CCU) at the Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH), while he served as chairman of the Public Hospital’s Authority (PHA).

Sands would be the second Cabinet Minister to testify in this case.

Back in June, National Security Minister Marvin Dames testified and admitted that a minister involved in an investigation could be viewed as political interference.

Attorney for Smith, Keith Knight QC, had a heated exchange with Dames at the time of his testimony.

An agitated Knight urged Dames not to “imagine further questions”, while Dames continued to defend himself during questioning about the reasons why he met with the cleaning company owner, instead of referring her immediately to police for questioning.

“Would you agree that a minister involved in a police matter could be seen as political interference?” Knight asked

To that question, Dames answered, “Correct.”

The case is expected to resume in the Magistrates Court this morning at 10 a.m.