Fox Hill mass shooting victim testifies

Fox Hill mass shooting victim testifies

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – One of the victims of the 2013 Fox Hill mass shooting testified yesterday that he watched his brother and sister-in-law drop in front of him after they were hit.

Chino Davis, who was shot in the face and in the shoulder, recalled the events of that tragic night before Supreme Court Justice Deborah Fraser .

Davis explained that around 6pm he was standing in front of the Junkanoo shack by the park with his brother, sisters, friends and cousins, waiting on the Boxing Day Junkanoo results.

The results were being read at Arawak Cay and they were waiting for a telephone call or for someone to come there and inform them of the results, he said.

He testified that all of a sudden, he felt his face get numb and saw his brother Claudezino Davis and sister-in-law “drop in front of me”.

He further noted that the shot to his face cut his tongue and carried through his shoulder.

“I didn’t even know he did die,” he said, referring to his brother.

Reenacting the action for the jury, Davis said when his brother got shot, all he saw was when his hand went to his chest and he fell back.

“It was almost like a movie, like is this real,” he said.

Davis also noted that when he saw his sister-in-law drop, he wasn’t sure what happened.

He said on previous occasions, she would often get “excited”, especially in church, and start having “little fits”.

“I thought she did faint,” he said.

“I didn’t know she got shot too.”

Davis said he was then taken to the hospital on the back of a truck and treated.

He noted he was able to walk to get onto that truck.

He said he couldn’t breathe and had to be put on drip, adding that he had to stay in the hospital for several days, as he could not eat and had to get his mouth wired up.

When asked by the Crown how he felt when he was shot, Davis said, “[The] only feeling I had was what gone wrong. What’s the cause of this?.

He added that he did not know why he was shot.

“I can’t tell you if it was a car, truck, man. woman, boy or girl,” he said.

“My back was turned to the road.”

Justin Williams, along with Jermaine Curry and Peter Rolle are accused of murdering Claudezino Davis, Shaquille Demeritte, Eric Morrison and Shenique Sands on December 27, 2013.

The trio has also been charged for the attempted murder of Chino Davis, Janet Davis, John Davis, Benjamin Demeritte, Samuel Ferguson, Jermaine Pratt and Leroy Taylor, on the same day.

Curry is being represented by attorney Murrio Ducille and Rolle is represented by Sonia Timothy.

When cross examined by Timothy, Davis once again told the jury that he did not see anything.

He noted that even though there was no music playing, those gathered were enamored in talking about Junkanoo and having fun.

He insisted that no one expected to hear the shots go off.

Davis noted that when he did hear the gunshots, it sounded like it was coming from East going West on Reeves Street.

He maintained that he did not turn around when he did hear the shots, nor did he attempt to look in the direction the shots were coming from.

He said he simply got down to take cover.

The matter continues today at 10:30 a.m.