Foulkes: Shanty town surveys completed

Foulkes: Shanty town surveys completed

Abaco’s Shanty Town Action Task Force Survey report is ready for Cabinet approval, Labour Minister and Task Force head Dion Foulkes revealed Tuesday.

A survey was launched earlier this year, and it was reported that surveys of two of the three shanty towns, the Mudd and Pigeon Peas in Abaco were recently completed. It was found in these surveys that there was no legal electricity or water and sewage connections.

The Task Force also conducted a survey of  10 shanty towns in Nassau, which revealed that there are approximately 1,410 residents residing in 428 households and 76 per cent are living on a $400 weekly income.

Foulkes said the surveys have been submitted to the Department of Statistics, and a report will be compiled.

This report, he said, will go to Cabinet next week, and he is hoping to gain Cabinet’s approval to make them public.