Former UB professor refutes allegations of student sexual harassment

Former UB professor refutes allegations of student sexual harassment

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Former professor at the University of the Bahamas, Felix Bethel, on Wednesday refuted the allegations of sexual harassment which were levied against him by a student last September.

Bethel was accused of allegedly making comments about a student’s breasts and the way they moved in her clothing. This later led the student to voice her concerns on social media, where she expressed her discomfort about the alleged exchange.

When asked yesterday if there was any truth to the allegations, Bethel said, “The answer is unequivocally no, never, not once, not once.”

However, while attempting to explain his version of events, Bethel made the following comment to our Eyewitness News Online reporter, “Quite Frankly Ms. Longley, you are just as buxom as she is.”

After Bethel’s comment, he paused and smiled, leaving this reporter feeling very uncomfortable.

Continuing to explain what had transpired, Bethel said the student reportedly came up to him after class and said, ‘You are looking at my breast’.

“I said to her, you got to be out of your mind, no such thing.

“She said, do not try to deny it, my father and I are going to destroy you,’” Bethel claimed.

The former UB professor said he told the student that he had no interest or concern about her ‘mammary glands’ and that was when the conversation reportedly blew up.

Back in September, the university released a statement announcing plans to launch a formal investigation into the matter; however, Bethel said that since the reported incident, he has not heard anything from his administrators at the institution.

A source close to the University told Eyewitness News Online that Bethel has already retired from the University and was on a year-to-year contract until the university and Bethel reportedly made an agreement that he would be paid out for this spring semester and his contract would not be renewed for next school year.

However, Eyewitness News Online understands that a reported conflict in the records department resulted in Bethel being scheduled to teach a class and he showed up to the class despite the alleged agreement.  This was when Bethel was reportedly escorted off the university’s campus.