Former PM grieves death of Evans

Former PM grieves death of Evans

Former Prime Minister the Right Honorable Perry Christie told the family of the man shot and killed by police in Masons Addition back in May, to seek the help of lawyers as they’ve been left with little to no answers from police or the government.

“This is a day that a mother – a parent – would hope would never happen,” Christie said.

“When I telephoned the morning of your son’s death and I came to see you I knew there would be no words that could be said.

“I know you do not understand. I know you want to understand. I know you would want justice for your son. And in the circumstance, all you could do is talk to those persons in the neighborhood who knew him and knew you, who witnessed it and ask them to explain to you what took place…

“If they explain to you what took place and you are not satisfied then you should see a lawyer.”

During a wake on Thursday evening at the Father Marshall Cooper Park, residents of the area circulated a petition that was addressed to the Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis, demanding that he make Evans’ case a thorough and transparent public investigation.

Christie called the petition just one of the ways for the family to receive the satisfaction they need.

As he sympathized with the family, he said, he couldn’t imagine their pain as he too remembered Evans to be nothing but a “good young man” with a “bright future ahead of him”.

“When I look here to see your son I saw what I always knew him to be, and in death in complete innocence,” he said.

“What is particularly tragic about this is that this is the very spot that he grew up on, this is the park that enabled him to demonstrate his youthful ability where they got together and dreamt about being something special.”

Police have yet to respond to family members on the shooting.

His family maintains that police not only wrongfully shot Evans, but also allegedly planted a weapon on the scene to frame the 20-year-old man.

Evans will be laid to rest at 2:00 p.m. Saturday.