FOR THE WINNERS: Local recording artist releases new single inspired by Bahamian Olympic achievements

FOR THE WINNERS: Local recording artist releases new single inspired by Bahamian Olympic achievements
The cover for Dominique Forbes’ single “WIN (The Stereo Version)”.

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — On the heels of Bahamian Olympics Shaunae Miller-Uibo and Steven Gardiner snagging gold medal-wins in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics in August, Bahamian recording artist Dominique Forbes was moved to pen a ballad fit for champions.

“This song that I am about to release, which is formally entitled, ‘WIN’, speaks to the win of both Steven Gardiner and Shaunae Uibo,” said the acclaimed author, recording artist, public speaker and devoted wife and mother of five.

Dominique Forbes.

“Seeing Mrs Uibo cross that finish line in particular heightened the idea of having a ‘WIN’ for me. I felt like a woman could be able to return from defeat and rise to the occasion every single time. I was and still am awe-inspired.”

Forbes acknowledged a shared inspiration with Bahamian comedian Das Quay, who had also created a song in the wake of Miller-Uibo’s most recent Olympic win; and she also paid homage to the Bahamian athletes from her high school alma mater — Saint Augustine’s College — who experienced “wins” in their own right.

“I really did not want to leave out the rest of the graduates of Saint Augustine’s College in the song; those who did not cross the finish line in first place but who had the gaskets to make it to compete in this year’s Olympics in ‘da first beginnings’,” Forbes said.

“Devynne Charlton’s demeanor after finishing fourth really stuck with me. I was emotionally invested in her performance. A job well done to those who have raised her; it takes a village.

“She has much to celebrate, in my humble opinion. Hats off to her in my book.

“As to all of the others —Doneisha Anderson, Anthonique Strachan, Megan Moss and Lacarthea Cooper — you are not to be forgotten.”

Of course Miller-Uibo’s fellow gold medalist was not to be left behind in the Bahamian creative’s ventures, and she remarked: “Seeing that there were two Olympic champions, I created two song covers — ‘The Stereo Version’ or ‘Keep It Burnin.’”

The cover for Dominique Forbes’ single “WIN (Keep It Burnin’)”.

Forbes invited the public to listen in and vote for the cover of her song “WIN” they like the best.

To participate, individuals must like her Facebook page at; comment or send a message of which cover they prefer; and invite others to like her page too.

“I would love to get school students involved, especially those from Saint Augustine’s College. There is no age limit to this game so let your baby play when you are ready,” the recording artist joked.

Forbes is the author of two books — “Where Is Daddy?” and “Mamma, Do You Love Me?” — and has recently released her newest gospel song, “Sleep On (Remix Island Style)”.

For more information, contact Forbes at; visit her on social media at DominiqueForbes242 on Facebook or @Dominiqueforbesglobal on Instagram; or visit her blog at