FNM slams people’s march

FNM slams people’s march

The Free National Movement did not waste any time to give its feedback after Wednesday’s Freedom March, which saw hundreds of irate Bahamians expressing their concerns about various issues facing the country, mainly an increase in power bills.

A statement released from the Party on Thursday outlined that weeks prior to the march, civil activists promoted the event as one that would not be politicized.

The FNM noted, however, that as the march drew closer it was clear that it was a PLP-led demonstration.

“Much like the PLP, the march was a complete failure as they could draw only 300 people to march with them.  Apart from the small numbers, the march was disorganized with printed paraphernalia and the two main leaders arriving late,” the statement read.

“The FNM supports the freedom of speech and the right for people of this country to demonstrate freely. The March on Wednesday showed us several things: the PLP is desperate to get back in power and will use anybody to disrupt.  The march also showed us the level of support for the PLP in this country is less than it was May 10, 2017.

“Finally, the march showed us that the people of The Bahamas are still prepared to give the FNM time to do its job to repair this country from the damage it received under the PLP administration.”

According to the FNM, the PLP had a strong message sent to them at Wednesday’s march as they were soundly rejected by the poor turnout.