FNM says ‘PLP’s record doesn’t hold water’

FNM says ‘PLP’s record doesn’t hold water’
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NASSAU, BAHAMAS – The Free National Movement (FNM) on Thursday assured that despite the Opposition’s criticism of the existing state of the economy, the government is repairing the country’s troubling credit rating and have taken steps  to ensure two straight years of positive economic growth after five years of negative GDP numbers under the former administration.

“People are looking to invest in The Bahamas again and we have finalized deals that will lead to both construction jobs and long-term, good paying jobs.  Yet, to hear the naysayers and the woeful PLP tell it, we are supposedly worse off today than under their disastrous tenure in government.

“These are the same brave PLP leaders who sat silently by as they steered the country in economic ruin and chaos for five years,” the FNM said in a statement issued Thursday.

According to the FNM, the Minnis administration is getting results as they have brought fiscal discipline, transparency and accountability to government and have focused on getting the economy going again for all Bahamians – not just the chosen few.

“Deputy Prime Minister K. Peter Turnquest rightfully points out the PLP naysayers have no ground to stand on when it comes to the economy.

“Despite more growth in two years under the Minnis Administration than in all five years combined under the disastrous PLP regime, the old and tired Brave Davis, his chief henchman, Fred Mitchell, and their darling protégé – the loquacious Chester Cooper, refuse to even acknowledge the growing signs of progress as they continue their old ways of running from accountability of their repeated negligence, incompetence and corruption,” the FNM said.

The FNM said the PLP needs to know that ‘talking down’ the country while avoiding every effort to work with the FNM to find solutions to address the challenges facing the country shows Bahamians that they continue to be more focused on themselves than working to help the people they serve.

The FNM said the PLP should be reminded that the people cast them out of office in historic fashion at the last election because of their contemptuous attitudes towards Bahamians.

“So the same worn out rhetoric they offer up is not changing anyone’s low opinion of the woeful PLP,” the FNM said.  “Regardless of the naysayers, the Minnis Administration will keep working to improve the lives of all Bahamians – and not just a chosen few – because they deserve nothing less than a new era of economic prosperity that lifts everyone up.

“As the early results prove, the FNM is making progress and they will not be deterred by the woeful PLP.”