FNM says govt. is prioritizing education

FNM says govt. is prioritizing education

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – The Free National Movement (FNM) on Thursday lauded the efforts of the government when it comes to improvements in education.

“Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis knows first-hand that education can be a gateway to opportunity for Bahamians,” the FNM said in a statement issued yesterday.

“He [the prime minister] and the FNM have placed a priority on improving and modernizing education at every level because it will help to open doors to a better life for so many of our children.

“This vision will prepare future generations for the global market and ensure our nation has a strong and well-prepared workforce, eager to grow and prosper.”

The FNM claims that since coming to office in 2017, the Minnis administration has awarded over $2.6 million in new scholarships and 1,000 scholarships have been given to currently enrolled students at BTVI.

The FNM said the government has also placed a special emphasis on making early childhood education attainable for families regardless of economic status.

“In addition to the three new preschool classrooms in New Providence, four new preschool classrooms are being built at existing schools. To ensure a quality education for all, vouchers have been awarded to families who wouldn’t be able to afford these programs otherwise,” the FNM said.

“The Minnis administration is also working to get high-speed internet in every school as well as tablets in the hands of every student in the next few years – and the pilot programs thus far have been encouraging with attendance and GPAs up for students receiving one. The Minnis Administration is hard at work including building a path to free tuition for all Bahamian students.”

According to the FNM, it is ‘night and day’ between the work and progress the Minnis administration is making versus ‘the years of empty rhetoric and broken promises that sadly defined the disastrous five years under the PLP government’.

The FNM said it should, therefore, come as no surprise that the opposition PLP is “talking down” the progress of the government when it comes to education.

“They were the ones that turned a blind eye to the pleas of parents and all but ignored and neglected our education system when they held power and as our schools to deteriorate,” the FNM claimed, adding that the Minnis Administration is aggressively working to fix their ‘mess’ and update the infrastructure of schools.

“Regardless of the woeful PLP’s obstruction, your FNM Government will remain committed to the efforts we’ve made to improve the lives of our children and grandchildren by ensuring they have access to the education they need and deserve,” the FNM statement concluded.