FNM says govt. continues to open tourism market

FNM says govt. continues to open tourism market

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – The Free National Movement (FNM) on Tuesday claimed that since the FNM has come to office, they have seen record-breaking numbers in the tourism sector.

“The Minister of Tourism has served the people well and he is continuing to take steps to build on that progress working now to bring air travel from all over the world to The Bahamas to help grow the tourism sector,” outlined a statement released by the FNM.

“During the International Civil Aviation Organization’s negotiating event in Kenya the FNM Government was able to sign ten Air Service Agreements (ASA’a) and seven Memoranda of Understanding (MOU’s) with countries to take the next steps to opening up air travel into The Bahamas.

“Since coming into office, the government has now signed 19 ASA’s and 18 MOU’s, with the latter expected to become ASA’s in the near future.

“As more countries offer air travel into The Bahamas, we will see another spike in new arrivals.  For every plane of new tourists that land in our country, our tourism sector will continue to grow.

According to the FNM, the work that the Government has been putting in is paying off.

“During the campaign, we promised the people that we would make sure that the world knew that The Bahamas is open for business, and with just under thirty new agreements in place to expand air travel, the world is seeing that and more importantly – the country is seeing results.

“The government continues to deliver on our promises and working to ensure our country continues to move forward and away from those five disastrous years of the PLP leadership,” the FNM statement concluded.