FNM says ‘Cooper’s embarrassing gibberish continues’

FNM says ‘Cooper’s embarrassing gibberish continues’
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NASSAU, BAHAMAS – The Free National Movement (FNM) expressed on Thursday that the Opposition Progressive Liberal Party’s (PLP’s) ‘severe deficit in leadership can’t be demonstrated any better than the spectacle that’s revealed every time Chester Cooper opens his mouth’.

Chester Cooper is the PLP’s member of parliament for the Exuma and Ragged Island constituency. He is also the Opposition’s shadow minister of finance.

The FNM said the PLP, by keeping Cooper as a spokesperson for the party, leads one to believe they are not eager to improve their ‘tarnished’ brand, as Cooper continues to ‘run into the ground with irresponsible, unsubstantiated and witless conjecture’.

According to the FNM, the prime minister recently outlined the work that is underway as well as forthcoming plans to improve infrastructure in every corner of The Bahamas.  These plans, the FNM said, will put people to work and create a foundation upon which the nation can continue building a future of sustained economic growth.

“Not only has our current economy seen the highest recorded growth in over five years, but both foreign and domestic economic authorities have indicated continued growth attributed to the government’s economic reforms and focus on job growth,” the party said in an issued statement.

The FNM noted, however, that Cooper’s ‘insatiable commentary’ on virtually anything the government says or does isn’t just getting old, but is becoming shameful.

The FNM said it is unfortunate that the PLP refuses to work as hard for the people as they work to tear down the progress the government is making in reversing the damage done by the PLP’s five years of ‘failure and corruption’.

“Cooper may call working for the people pandering, but this is because he wouldn’t know what a government that puts people over politics looks like,” the FNM said. “Led by failed masters Perry Christie, Brave Davis and Fred Mitchell, the PLP scoffed at transparency, ignored their responsibility every day during the Christie Administration and watched the economy come to a near collapse.

“But the political class thrived during this time. Everyone else was promised the world, but of course when jobs disappeared, crime rose and services deteriorated, the PLP pointed fingers and made excuses.”

The FNM said despite the PLP’s repetitive failed attempts to discredit the government, The Minnis administration will maintain its focus on fighting for economic reform, transparency, better education and the complete elimination of corruption.

“Bahamians deserve nothing less from their elected leaders,” the FNM’s statement concluded.