FNM praises govt. on BPL and Wartsila deal

FNM praises govt. on BPL and Wartsila deal

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – On the heels of Bahamas Power and Light (BPL) recently signing  a new contract with Finnish technology group Wartsila, to install a new multi-million-dollar power plant at BPL’s Clifton Pier site, the Free National Movement (FNM) said the government should be praised for navigating BPL out of the rental generation program, which has been costly and unreliable.

“When completed, Bahamians can expect to see lower fuel costs on their utility bills due to more efficient and cheaper production,” the FNM said.

According to the FNM, rolling blackouts, surging prices and corruption summarized the Progressive Liberal Party’s experience of “mismanaging” BPL.

The FNM noted, however, that the government is taking proactive steps to implement long term solutions to improve the standard of living.

“The FNM is following through on their promise to improve infrastructure and reduce Bahamians financial burdens,” the Party said.

“Even more encouraging is the commitment to hire local firms for the civil engineering component of the power plant’s construction.

“Additionally, businesses closely analyze energy costs when deciding to relocate or expand, this development will be a welcoming sign to investors as a sign of stability and lower energy costs.”

The FNM said the government plans to build additional power plants in due time and will continue working on all infrastructure improvements in order to strengthen the economy and stimulate job growth

Wärtsilä is expected to install seven new high-efficiency engines; replacing four vintage engines which have been in operation at BPL since the 1980s.

By the end of summer 2019, BPL said it will have a new 132-megawatt engine power plant, and its introduction will mean that BPL will soon be able to discontinue paying almost $2 million dollars monthly to rent power generators. It also means that the company will be able to use heavy fuel oil, which is more cost effective.