FNM: Govt. improving lives in GB with job creation

FNM: Govt. improving lives in GB with job creation

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – The Free National Movement (FNM) on Sunday weighed in on the government’s efforts to revive the depressed economy of Grand Bahama, with the government’s recent announcement of a ‘Grand Port’ that is proposed for the Eastern end of the island, built by Carnival Cruise Lines.

The FNM said the creation of the Grand Port and other earmarked projects is another example of the FNM government fighting to improve the quality of life for all Bahamians.

“This effort has included a particular focus on job growth in Grand Bahama, which has been subject to years of neglect and mismanagement under then prime minister Christie and the woeful PLP,” the FNM said in a statement issued shortly after the ‘Grand Port’ agreement was made public.

“The agreement with Carnival Cruise Line calls for 80 per cent local workers, and in addition to the 1,000 construction jobs expected, Grand Bahama will benefit from the spin-off businesses attributed to the new development.

“While this news brings the confidence of an uptick in employment, Grand Bahama’s economic progress continues to move forward, with other developments such as Ginn and the eventual sale of Our Lucaya.”

The FNM said the “woeful” Opposition Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) could take a lesson from the government on how to get the done, as it relates to meeting the needs of the people.

The FNM said when a government puts the people before politics, it is amazing what can be accomplished.

“For years under the woeful PLP’s tenure, Grand Bahama and our family islands were promised economic revival that they constantly failed to deliver,” the FNM claimed.

“The PLP’s empty rhetoric and broken promises were all the people got. Thankfully Bahamians are no longer subject to the PLP’s failed leadership as they took from the pockets of those trying to provide for themselves and their families.

“Like clockwork, the woeful PLP will likely fall into its unfortunate role of talking down the progress in providing economic growth, a shrinking deficit and now economic development that will drastically cut unemployment in Grand Bahama.”

The FNM said what the people want is results, “not more of their reckless rhetoric and obstructionist antics that stand in the way of their higher standard of living.”

The FNM said while the “woeful” PLP talks, the FNM will continue working to empower local businesses, stimulate job growth and ensure every Bahamian has the opportunity to grow and prosper.