FNM claims PLP opposes job creation

FNM claims PLP opposes job creation

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – The Free National Movement (FNM) is of the view that the opposition Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) opposes job creation after the PLP made queries earlier this week about the recent Heads of Agreement that was signed for Disney Cruise Lines to construct a $400 million-dollar cruise port and entertainment facility on Lighthouse Point, Eleuthera.

The deal was inked last week Thursday but was only made public this past weekend.

The prime minister initially made the revelation at a town hall meeting in Tarpum Bay, Eleuthera. His announcement was followed up with a press statement issued from the Office of the Prime Minister, but earlier this week, PLP leader Philip Brave Davis said the signing, which appeared to be “secretive,” is a disrespect to Bahamians.

The FNM, however, shot back on Thursday, stating that the PLP was putting politics over the people they were elected to serve.

“While the Minnis administration is working aggressively to revive the economy and grow jobs, the PLP either protests every decision or criticizes the government, rather than making a contribution towards progress,” the FNM said in a statement released yesterday. “After five years of failed promises, one would think the PLP would be working double-time to earn back the trust of the people.”

According to the FNM, the government continues to work every day to increase Bahamian ownership of resources and infrastructure.

The government, the FNM said, has also successfully negotiated projects that will bring hundreds of both short and long term jobs for the Bahamian workforce.

The FNM said in each agreement, the government ensures that Bahamians are not only guaranteed well-paying jobs, but are also provided with business opportunities.

“This is in stark contrast with the Christie Administration that would give away the farm while always finding a way to enrich themselves,” the FNM claimed.

“The embattled PLP should be jubilant that jobs are returning and existing businesses are expanding; but because they have failed the Bahamian people while in office, they have nothing to say other than talking down the accomplishment of the Minnis administration in hopes of distracting the people from their continued incompetence and negligence.”

The FNM said with news that the Christie administration left each Bahamian with a debt of approximately $7,000, it is even more important that the government maintains a focus on repairing the economy from within.

The FNM said nobody is against job growth, especially when there is minimal risk.

“It is obvious the PLP is just looking for something to say in substitute for leadership, which they are incapable of demonstrating,” the FNM said.

“The woeful PLP should stop their antics and begin to act responsibly. They should start by giving their paychecks back to the people for the time they were compensated while boycotting Parliament.

“Despite the PLP’s failure to grow up, your FNM government will keep fighting for a responsible, transparent government that puts Bahamians back to work,” the FNM statement concluded.