FNM claims govt. continues to make progress for Bahamians

FNM claims govt. continues to make progress for Bahamians
Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis and this Cabinet walk to the House of Assembly.

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – The Free National Movement (FNM) said for the past 21 months The Bahamas has seen massive change and progress that has begun to position The Bahamas for the future.

“That spark was lit when the people historically cast aside the former PLP Government and elected the FNM to make the tough decisions to lead our country.

“Much progress has been made in these 21 months and we as a country are well positioned for even more progress in the months and years ahead,” outlined the FNM in a statement issued Thursday.

The FNM said as most Bahamians have turned toward the future with a sense of hope and optimism, they are still sadly seeing “the woeful PLP leadership clinging to the remnants of the past as they try to re-write the history of their disastrous time in power.”

“They ignore the clear progress and successes we are seeing across the country including places like The Bahamas Agricultural and Industrial Corporation (BAIC).

“When the FNM came into government, the BAIC had a mere $20,000 in the bank, with debt well over $3 million through mismanagement of the PLP leadership.  Over 200 employees and operations in six of the Family Islands and New Providence hung in the balance,” the FNM said.

The statement further outlined that under the FNM Government’s leadership, the past 12 months have seen an organization go from being on life support to becoming a completely new and improved operation.

According to the FNM, hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt have been recovered, which has increased revenue and the Corporation’s cash position improving by 700 per cent.  The FNM said the PLP should take note of what the government is doing.

“And we are seeing this kind of success repeated throughout the government.  And, in the coming 12 months, we will build on those successes.  2019 will be a year focused on delivering on promises made during the 2017 campaign as well as creating even more new job opportunities,” the FNM said.

“Our focus has always been on how we can make The Bahamas a better place for all Bahamians; a place that our young people can create a good life for themselves and their families; a place where our students get the education they need to compete in an ever-expanding global economy. And, of course, a country where people from all walks of life can raise a family and not have to worry about how they will put food on their tables.

“Successes are no longer rare throughout The Bahamas and it is these early successes that serve as the foundation for future progress under FNM leadership, because we believe our job is to fight for everyone Bahamian job and to be accountable to the people we serve,” the FNM statement concluded.