FNM chairman says no resignations coming following Smith’s trial

FNM chairman says no resignations coming following Smith’s trial

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – The Free National Movement (FNM) and the opposition Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) were caught in a war of words on Monday, after PLP Leader Philip Davis called for a number of FNM cabinet ministers to resign for their alleged role in the extortion and bribery case of former PLP Senator Frank Smith.

Davis’ call came on the heels of Smith’s acquittal last week Friday. He even went as far as to call on attorney general Carl Bethel to resign.

However, FNM Chairman Carl Culmer fired back on Monday,  calling the opposition leader out on a number of matters which he said have been left unanswered by the former Christie administration.

“He has no moral credibility to ask anyone for resignation,” Culmer declared.

“The parliament and the people of The Bahamas are still waiting on the report on the burnt down BAMSI building and whether it was insured or not insured.

Culmer also questioned where was Davis’ moral compass when alleged corruption during the PLP’s tenure surfaced and a number of PLP’s were found to be delinquent in massive loan payments to the Bank of The Bahamas (BOB).

“Where was he when all of these loans were taken out where the bank almost had to go into liquidation and had almost $100 million dollars that had to go to resolve,” Culmer asked.

Culmer said if Davis cannot provide answers to his questions, then the PLP’s best move would be to remain silent.

While the Frank Smith extortion and bribery trial has been thrown out, the FNM still believes that it has a case and will continue to pursue it, according to Culmer.

“As you are aware the attorney general has appealed the case because we feel there is some merit to the case. Hopefully the facts will come to the top and we will understand that this government is genuine in its efforts to bring corruption to a halt in this country,” he said.

Culmer reiterated that the cases brought against the PLP is not a witch-hunt.

“We’re not here to flamboyantly try to cause someone some ill-will. Our job as a government is to make sure that we account to the people for whatever went down,” Culmer said.

The FNM Chairman said government remains confident that it will win its remaining cases which have been filed against the PLP.