FNM chairman hits back at Davis’ “garbage juice” comments

FNM chairman hits back at Davis’ “garbage juice” comments
Free National Movement Chairman Carl Culmer. (FILE PHOTO)

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Free National Movement (FNM) Chairman Carl Culmer yesterday hit back at claims that his party is behind several social media accounts spreading “fake news” about the opposition Progressive Liberal Party (PLP).

In a statement, Culmer rebuked those claims as an attention-grab by PLP Leader Philip Brave Davis intending to “sully” the FNM’s reputation.

“He (Davis) sought to sully the reputation of the Free National Movement by associating our party with random posts on social media,” Culmer said.

“The comments he referred to were not made by the FNM.

“If Davis were serious about cleaning up public discourse, he would denounce the nasty and vicious ramblings of PLP-supporting operations such as Bahamas Press. For years, this site has pushed vileness in support of the PLP.

“Yet, Davis and his party have nothing to say about operations, groups and individuals who unfairly attack the FNM and its supporters.”

Culmer was responding to comments by Davis, who recently accused the FNM of running a “garbage juice” digital campaign aimed at “degrading” its opponents.

On Sunday, PLP Chairman Fred Mitchell said the PLP will utilize significant resources to campaign digitally for the next election to combat what he described “the nastiest, most degrading campaign” in Bahamian history being run by the FNM.

In a press conference last week, Davis claimed: “People are complaining to me every day now about the toxic, deceptive ads that seem to be unavoidable.

“Someone described it to me this way: ‘Mr Davis, the FNM is running a garbage juice campaign.’”

But Culmer said: “Davis’ comments amounted to nothing more than a vain attempt to gain headlines. He has nothing useful to offer the Bahamian people. The PLP is devoid of ideas.”

Culmer smeared the PLP leader as “losing support within his organization”, chastising him to “work on fixing his party” rather than making accusations against the FNM.

“He should also call on Bahamas Press and other PLP-supporting operations to cease and desist from the nasty, personal attacks they frequently launch against FNMs,” Culmer said.