Florida ride service for Bahamians by Bahamians

Florida ride service for Bahamians by Bahamians
Homeboy Marketing Manager, Vince McDonald, speaks to the media about the new venture.

Bahamians supporting Bahamians is the thinking behind Homeboy – a new ride company aimed at providing transportation services for Bahamians travelling abroad, particularly to south Florida.

Vice President and Chief Executive Officer Rodney Collie said, Homeboy is a fully Bahamian-owned company, using only Bahamian drivers and offering services to make the lives of Bahamians easier.

“Homeboy Club is a ride platform that allows Bahamians to support each other while overseas,” Collie said.

“The staple of our concept centers around Bahamians providing transportation services for fellow Bahamians. We have Bahamians legally residing in South Florida who are willing and able to provide this service.

“Bahamians travel to the [United] States frequently and many do not drive. We have all heard of people paying for someone’s airline ticket just to travel with them and take them around. What we have done is organized and created a platform to facilitate this service.

“We are not doing anything new, Bahamians have been supporting each other in this way for years.”

Homeboy Marketing Manager Vince McDonald said, the company also caters to persons that have difficulty driving or those unfamiliar with the United States.

“Homeboy’s rides are scheduled in advance so when you book your flight you can book your Homeboy at the same time,” he said.

“This provides confidence in travel and peace of mind. Our drivers have been fully vetted and passed our background checks as well. Another unique aspect of Homeboy is that you can pay for blocks of time. Passengers can choose to book a full day, half a day or even just pick up and drop off.”

Currently the service is only offered in Miami and Ft Lauderdale but McDonald said, Homeboy will launch its West Palm, Orlando and Atlanta service in the coming months.