Florida-based company offering turn-key housing solution in Abaco

Florida-based company offering turn-key housing solution in Abaco
MV Berekah

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Floating Accommodations has seen significant interest thus far in its turn-key housing solution it has now taken to hurricane-ravaged Abaco.

The Florida-based company is offering accommodations on the floatel solution MV Berakah.

The vessel features 52 cabins and suites capable of housing up to 134 people.

Kjell Tandberg, the vessel’s manager, said: “We have gotten a lot of responses. We just opened up so people can make reservations.

“We have a large group of workers coming in who are supposed to start work on October 1.

“We have had over 300 inquiries. We have a couple of people, workers moving in now.

“One guy was working on Abaco and sleeping in a tent in someone’s backyard, so obviously this is a welcome move for him.

“The island has been devastated and we know that housing is a big issue especially for persons looking to come in for work.

“We also had some interest from teachers who have nowhere to stay so there was some interest there as well.”

Prior to moving to Abaco, Tandberg noted that the vessel was housing workers employed on the MSC Cruises Ocean Cay development.

“It finished there in February/March and then went up to Freeport during the COVID lockdown.”


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