Florida-based Bahamian association still assisting Hurricane Dorian victims over a year later

Florida-based Bahamian association still assisting Hurricane Dorian victims over a year later
Members of the National Association of The Bahamas, Florida, with Consul General of The Bahamas to Florida Linda Treco-Mackey

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL — The National Association of The Bahamas, Florida, (NAB) recently donated 176 laptops, 480 school bags and miscellaneous school supplies to the children of Abaco more than a year after the massive category 5 Hurricane Dorian barreled through the island, flattening it and leaving scores dead and thousands devastated.

The recent contribution of school supplies is to assist the children with the continuation of their education while the small northern Bahama Island rebuilds slowly but surely.  Because of the current COVID-19 pandemic, most of the children are being schooled virtually, and the majority of parents are unable to afford to purchase much-needed electronic devices because they are still trying to recover and rebuild from the hurricane.

Freeport, Grand Bahama, has also been a part of NAB’s hurricane relief efforts in the wake of the deadly storm. As the island entered the phase of rebuilding earlier this year, the association sent $40,000 to a hardware store there for residents to be able to get building supplies for repairs. This also allowed for spending in The Bahamas to assist the local economy.

NAB was formed more than 25 years ago in South Florida by a group of young Bahamian residents of the area with a purpose to assist each other, especially the less fortunate in the Bahamian diaspora, as well as to reach out to those in need in the motherland.

Over the years, under the dynamic leadership of a board of directors, the organization has been successful in reaching out to local Bahamian students with scholarships; they have assisted charitable organizations both locally and in The Bahamas; and they have actively participated in annual hurricane relief efforts when necessary.

The contribution of the school supplies is the latest in NAB’s ongoing support of Abaconian families. The group’s assistance to victims of Hurricane Dorian began back in late-September 2019, with helping displaced families who fled to Florida. Families were assisted with housing from September through December, coupled with gift cards, food, clothing and miscellaneous supplies. Those families who returned to The Bahamas from Florida were assisted with transportation back home. For the hurricane victims who stayed on Abaco immediately following the destructive storm, tons of trailers with food and hurricane supplies were sent to the island.

According to NAB President Rosamon Gomez, all of the assistance the association has been providing for the victims of Hurricane Dorian are as a result of the generous contributions from people all over the US and from all walks of life. Gomez said the association looks forward to continuing its efforts and welcomes donations small or large.

“No gift is too small,” she said.

NAB is comprised of Bahamians living in Florida as well as their friends and supporters of The Bahamas. For additional information on how to become involved or to give to the association, inquiries can be made to Executive Director Earl Miller at 954-647-4941, to Gomez at 305-527-7345 or to Vice President Rubyann Bradshaw at 305-632-7109.