Seven swept away, five injured in attempt to cross bridge

Seven swept away, five injured in attempt to cross bridge
North Eleuthera MP Rickey Mackey speaking to the House yesterday on the dangerous attempts by some of his constituents to cross the Glass Window Bridge.

Seven people narrowly escaped death in a failed attempt to cross the Glass Window Bridge in Eleuthera yesterday morning.

According to Member of Parliament for North Eleuthera Rickey Mackey, a lack of alternative transportation was what prompted the locals to cross bridge, which has been closed since Sunday.

“As a result of a shift in the weather this morning, the vessels, the boats, that we were using to transport persons were no longer able to do so hence, another catastrophe took place,” he said.

“Persons [took it] upon themselves … to cross the bridge at which time… five were washed off. Five of them have been severely injured but there’s been no loss of life.

“I must stress in the strongest terms, that persons do not attempt to cross that bridge.”

Mackey noted the significant role the bridge plays for hundreds residing on Eleuthera, allowing them to traverse to work and collect much needed goods and supplies.

“This bridge is a very important artery for the continuous life of North Eleuthera and that is why I am so thrilled that the Minister of Works was there a few weeks ahead and had agreed that something has to be done with reference to this bridge,” he said. “Now the reality of that need is upon us.”

This latest incident follows the injury of a man who was at the bridge on Sunday past with another American man who was swept away and remains missing.

The search is also being continued for a man who was swept away by sea when his boat ran out of gas and capsized during bad weather in waters near Acklins two days ago.

He was onboard the vessel with another man who was able to swim to safety, police said.

Eyewitness News understands that residents and a group of fishermen have assembled a search team in an effort to find the man, who is said to also be a well-known fisherman.