Fishermen fear lobster prices may take a dive

Fishermen fear lobster prices may take a dive
Crawfish season runs from August 1 to March 31 2021.

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — While the 2020/2021 crawfish season is ‘a go’, Bahamian fishers are concerned that the COVID-19  pandemic may adversely impact the price on the market.

Adrian LaRoda, Bahamas Commercial Fishers Alliance (BCFA) president told Eyewitness News exports were low, and noted demand for the luxury food item was likely to drop as people tighten on spending.

He said:  “Everything is a go for the season and fishermen have been preparing to go out. Some guys are already out and they are going to take advantage of the August 1 start. I’m fairly optimistic about the season.

“We are concerned however about what the pricing would be. Exports are nowhere near what they should be because of COVID-19. We don’t know what the price will look like until the third week or the end of August.”

LaRoda said: “People aren’t dining out like they use to or are no longer able to do so because of COVID-19 related restrictions on dining. Lobster is considered luxury food and if people are cutting back and not spending money the way they used to there is ultimately going to to a trickle down effect.”

Still, LaRoda lauded the government for giving the industry the go ahead on the season.

“The Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries has done a yeoman’s job in getting the competent authority to understand what fishermen are asking for,” he said.

“The Deputy Prime Minister has also been instrumental in lobbying for fishermen and other industries behind the scene.

“I am satisfied that we have this opportunity. Something is better than nothing. They could have told us no we can’t go out.

“Obviously we have to abide by the protocols and we have sent that message out to the fishermen because we are not just protecting ourselves but our loved ones and those around us as well.”