First GWE Holiday in Nassau hailed as “huge success”

First GWE Holiday in Nassau hailed as “huge success”
Global Women Entrepreneurs (GWE) members attend the first GWE Holiday in Nassau, The Bahamas, on February 21, 2021.

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — International women’s group Global Women Entrepreneurs (GWE) is hailing its recent GWE Holiday in Nassau as a resounding success that resulted in a large number of new members.

The GWE Holiday held on February 21 marked the first event for the group, during which several of its members from around the world attended to support businesswomen, particularly those who became entrepreneurs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

GWE Founder and CEO Enise Dalisma, a Bahamian based in Florida, said she is still in awe over the event’s success.

Global Women Entrepreneurs (GWE) Vice President Clatira Almir and President Enise Dalisma.

“Never have I witnessed such a large group of women connecting and networking for such a great cause,” Dalisma said.

She noted that the event started with a church service at Church of God of Prophecy, Palm Tree Avenue, where women “painted the sanctuary white and pink in support of our movement”.

“We then separated into several sub-groups based on the specific industry, craft or service provided; and as an act of solidarity and sisterhood, we took photos within our specific sub-group,” the CEO noted.

“This represented a moment of power. It sent the message that although we may be in the same field, we are stronger, wiser and better together than we are apart.

“No competition; just cooperation.”

She added: “I have no reservations in claiming that the event was a huge success.”

Several local GWE members also gave their feedback on the event.

Maquel Rolle, CEO of Skylar’s Printed Treasures, said: “GWE Holiday was an exciting and tremendous day. Can you imagine scores of women coming together for one positive cause? Amazing, right?

Global Women Entrepreneurs (GWE) members during the church service.

“I loved being there… I enjoyed the energy from each ‘entrepreneHER’ and look forward to the next one.”

Aurechea Darville, CEO of Rachio’s Boutique, said her experience was “nothing short of amazing” and she cannot wait to do it again.

“It was definitely a great time of worship and fellowship. Getting to see all the faces and match them to the different businesses; meeting all the new people and just simply realizing how many purpose-driven and talented ladies we have in our presence,” she said.

Lenique Rolle, CEO of Creativepreneur.bah, said: “Seeing a group of enthusiastic entreprenHERS wanting the same thing as I do gave me chill bumps. Especially considering the stigma that women can never come together and do something great without bickering and downing one another.

“Seeing each other encouraging, uplifting, inspiring and cheering one another on at the GWE Holiday made me realize that we can do great things as a team and that this (GWE) will be a force to reckon with.”

Global Women Entrepreneurs (GWE) members during the church service.

Christin Allyssa Reckley, Waffle Zone 242 CEO, said: “Before joining the organization, I was a bit hesitant. In my mind, there was no way women from all over the world would support other women, especially ones in the same industry as them.

“After joining, my mind was blown from all the support, empowerment and uplifting I saw going on… I am so proud to be a member and to have witnessed history being made globally.”

Rachae Duncombe, CEO of Creative Craft, described being “really blown away” by the gathering.

“It was an event I truly can look forward to in the years to come. After all, we came to the event as strangers but left as sisters,” she said.

Héa’ven’s Sweet Bouquets CEO Vanisha Styles said: “Being at the very first GWE Holiday was mind-blowing. The turnout of women itself was heart-touching. To see women come together to make a difference not just in this country but globally is a fervent feeling I can never forget.

“This GWE event has opened my eyes to see that there are more strong, independent women entrepreneurs out there not just trying to build their business but willing to make a change so that upcoming entrepreneurs can follow.”