Fire delays opening of school in Rum Cay

Marcellus Taylor

A government delegation is headed to Rum Cay today to conduct an independent investigation a fire that erupted in the kitchen on the campus of Rum Cay All Age School on Saturday.

During a press conference yesterday, Education Minister Jeff Lloyd said, details surrounding the cause of the blaze were unclear and, as a result, the opening of school will be delayed until Thursday of this week.

Director of Education Marcellus Taylor added that it is unclear when the school will open, as it will also take a while for the sole teacher for the school to arrive on the island.

“We have to be a bit sensitive to the teacher that is placed there,” he said “Addressing personal matters is not an easy thing … the process is harder because it takes almost a week for the boat to get there. It is our hardship area but, the teacher can always make up the time.”

Eyewitness News understands less than 20 children are enrolled at the school.