Fintech festival to ignite discussions on technological revolution of financial services

Fintech festival to ignite discussions on technological revolution of financial services

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — The highly anticipated D3 Fintech Festival, scheduled for next month at the Atlantis Resort is poised to be a dynamic hub for discussions on how technology can revolutionize financial services and propel the industry forward, according to the event’s organizers.

The Securities Commission of The Bahamas, in collaboration with the Government of The Bahamas and Finoverse, are spearheading the inaugural D3 Bahamas Fintech Festival (D3) set for October 10th-12th.

Will Haskins, Head of Strategy and  Content at Finoverse told Eyewitness News: “I think the big thing happening right now and what this event is squarely focused is trying to separate some of those conversations regarding fintech. When people think of crypto, they think about trading, Bitcoin, Ethereum and what’s happening on that side.

“We are trying to shift conversation into the technology space and what can be done to build trust, clarity and identify what the guard rails should be around the industry. Those are the type of conversations we are trying to facilitate. We are bringing together policy makers, founders and technologists to participate in those conversations.”

Topics of discussion at the conference will include the pillars of regulation, the building blocks of FinTech, and the steps to a thriving digital economy.

Haskins noted that while the collapse of crypto giant FTX is likely to be a talking point, it will not be a key focus of discussions. 

“It will come up, but in terms of the conversations we are building, it’s not a lot of it. If you looked at what happened with FTX, it would appear that a lot of what happened had to do with poor management of the company,” he said.

“There is technology built on the blockchain that can really improve how financial services are delivered. That is what most people are really excited about.”

Haskins claims that with the introduction of the DARE Act and subsequent amendments, The Bahamas is poised to make significant inroads in the digital assets space, with companies looking to jurisdictions that provide clarity and a sound regulatory environment to place the industry on a solid path.