Fear grips community

An artist rendering of the two suspects being sought by police.

Residents of the St. Barnabas community Wednesday expressed their growing concern about the recent sexual assault reports involving two female children.

According to Police Superintendent Mark Barrett, officers conducted a walkabout in the area shortly after releasing a sketch of the alleged perpetrator.

Barrett, who spoke with Eyewitness News yesterday explained, that his unit is using a relatively new system called ‘E-policing strategy’ – a new system targeting business owners and the placement of high tech surveillance cameras to monitor the perimeters of the South Central division, which includes St. Barnabas.

The new system, he said, is part of a more concerted effort to keep a watch on the community.

While no information was given on the young girls involved in the assault incident, residents said the reports were disturbing.

Helen Bain, a resident of the area told Eyewitness News said, she was disturbed to learn that her community is seemingly no longer as safe as she thought.

Bain, a 60 year-old grandmother said, the crimes of her day are not the crimes she’s witnessing now.

Another resident Nathaniel Knowles, also called the reports “disturbing”.

The father of nine said he’s pressing for the police to get a hold of the suspects.