Father of missing man holding on to hope

Father of missing man holding on to hope
Jonathan Brussow, 19, of Rockford, Michigan.

The father of Jonathan Brussow, the man who was swept off Glass Window bridge on Monday and is still missing, said he is holding on to hope that he will find his son.

CBS Detroit reported this week that Brussow, 19, is a resident of Rockford. The network reported that his father Brad is reportedly in Eleuthera with search teams.

The missing man’s sister Alli, posted a message on Facebook about noon Friday that said searchers were combing an eight-mile stretch of beach.

She said in her post that officials with the U.S. Coast Guard believe he likely is on land and not in the sea.

Michigan Live also reported that the father said he has been told there is a chance his son might have survived.

The website reported that Brussow said he met a man Thursday with a dive team who offered to check caves along the beach as part of the search, and said, the man is searching for free.

He said he was grateful for the many locals who have donated time to search.

Jonathan was washed into the ocean about 7 a.m. Monday when a treacherous wave swept him and another man off their feet. The other person managed to cling to a rock and pull himself to safety.

Friends of the family have established a GoFundMe page to raise money to aid in the search and also to offer a reward for anyone who finds Jonathan Brussow alive.