1.Why has there been no mention of the fines and charges being brought forward to the persons-residents who were allowed entry into The Bahamas breaching rules & regulations despite the government’s lockdown? And why have they not been brought forward to the courts like other persons who were charged with the lockdown breach?

2. Who is monitoring the quarantine of these 6 individuals who recently entered the country breaching the “no entry” rule & where is the provided proof of COVID-19 tests having been performed on them to allow travel out of & into country? And where are the “so-called” test kits & numbers that they supposedly brought in (as this is a make believe product to give validation that it was necessary that they bring them in to “fake the travel trail” as a reason for entry?

3. Has the accountability/involvement of the Aviation Minister, other border patrol agencies:Customs & Immigrations along with NAD with Airport Authorities Directors been investigated?

4. Who exactly were the greater good being served for this illegal entry?

5. Who was the pilot & was the airplane impounded?

6. What was the travel history of these 6 residents in the past 2-4 months?

Additionally, why was there no police presence in the Old Fort, Albany, Lyford Cay areas during curfews as these people were allowed to jog along the streets, beaches & roam about areas lawless as if The Bahamas’ rules & regulations are strictly for people of colour & others outside of their privately owned spaces? Where is the fairness that allow foreigners to dictate what, how, when, where & how they behave & do things in other people’s country? When in Rome, do as the Romans make the law or deal with the law!!

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