Eyewitness News responds to Chinese regarding gutter oil story

This story has been removed 

Eyewitness News would like to clarify that the report dated June 21, 2018 investigating a series of videos that had gone viral on social media showing Chinese individuals at two restaurants allegedly removing an unidentified substance from outside pits, was not intended to suggest that Chinese restaurants in The Bahamas are engaged in the practice of using gutter oil. We would like to apologize to the Chinese restaurants for any inconvenience our story may have caused.”


Clint Watson is the g.o.a.t! This report on the gutter oil was fabulous; it exposed the unsanitary practices of these Chinese Restaurants, which was necessary. This will certainly affect their business and perhaps force them to do better. Thank you Eyewitness News for staying on top of the stories that really affect Bahamians!!!

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