This is exciting news for the residents of Exuma! It has been a long time coming.
Please DO NOT forget OLD AIRPORT ROAD. It is a government road that services the main road to the transfer station. It is in such bad shape and riddled with garbage and trash because residents can’t make it to the transfer station. Not to mention all the businesses and residents who access this road on a daily basis.
Some of us have even taken matters in our hands and started filling pot holes on our own. However it is now futile because road conditions have gotten so bad it is impossible to keep up with. I encourage all public officials to take a little field trip down this road and then say it’s “not essential.”

I agree. While most of the roads on Exuma are in bad to very tough shape Old Airport Rd is horrendous. There are actually places in the road where you have to drive off the road to get around the pot holes. Some of these actually stretch across the entire road. Making this a proper road would be a big improvement to not only the residents who have to drive it multiple times a day but would also help with future development. After all who wants to build on a road you can not drive on.

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