Exuma man charged for a gram of marijuana valued at $5

Exuma man charged for a gram of marijuana valued at $5

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — An Exuma man was arraigned in the Magistrate’s Court yesterday for possession of one gram of marijuana with a street value of five dollars. 

Bryan Pearce, 42, appeared before Deputy Chief Justice Andrew Forbes on one count of possession of dangerous drugs.
Prosecutors allege that on September 26, Pearce was searched and found with one gram of marijuana on his person.

He pleaded guilty to the charge.

Pearce told the court that he resides in Exuma, but came to New Providence to celebrate his birthday with relatives who reside on the island.

He said he was at Potter’s Cay Dock when a friend passed by and gave him the marijuana as a birthday gift.

He said without thinking he placed the package in his pocket and forgot about it.

“I don’t even smoke,” he told the magistrate. 

He said when officers approached him and began searching him, he didn’t remember that the quantity of cannabis was on him because he just “spread out” to be searched.

He advised the court that he had not once been in any issues with the law.

While Forbes commended the accused for staying out of trouble, he told the Exuma resident that he needs to make better decisions.

Pearce was granted conditional discharge probation for six months for the offense.


This is the same reason as to why serious crimes against people are never followed through. Taking time to arrest, detain, transport & prosecute, for #5.00.

Love this story…the system worked. Police did his or her job, Courts did theirs and got it right!!!

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