Exuma experiences several island-wide outages

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Bahamas Power and Light (BPL) has advised that after several island-wide outages in Exuma throughout the day, several areas have been fully restored.

Power outages were experienced by residents from Hermitage to Williams Town,

In a statement, the power company said around 6:07am, the west feeder on Exuma was knocked out after a bird was electrocuted on a high voltage overhead lines.

Some 1,500 customers from Hermitage to William’s Town were left without power.

By 7:31am, power up to the ferry bridge had been restored and by 12:34pm restoration had been completed from the ferry bridge to Williams Town.

BPL technicians had to remove the bird from the line and fix the damaged pole.

However, the power company reported that the same west feeder experienced another outage caused by loose wires.

The problem has since been addressed and the power in the area was restored, BPL said.

Farmer’s Cay, Exuma also experienced an island-wide outage, where some 40 customers were affected.

BPL said that the outage was caused by a pole fire around 10:10am and power was restored by 11:23am.

The statement further advised that The Farmers Cay Yacht Club, Government Clinic, Roosevelt Nixon, Julian Nixon, and teacher’s residence were still down due to the pole fire.

A team from mainland Exuma was sent to resolve this issue.

BPL also advised of a brief power outage on Mayaguana today after the genset on the island tripped but power was restored to all 190 or so customers within four minuted.

The cause of the trip has not yet been determined and teams were sent to investigate the matter.

Earlier last week, the power company reported another island-wide outage on Exuma, leaving approximately 3,000 residents without service.

On Wednesday, at 12.18pm, BPL’s generation system in Exuma experienced a technical issue that resulted in the entire system shutting down.

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