Eva Hilton Primary undergoes $4 mil renovation

Eva Hilton Primary undergoes $4 mil renovation

Students can look forward to a new Eva Hilton Primary School (formerly Oakes Field Primary School) when classes resume in September. The school, located in Oakes Field, is presently undergoing $4 million in renovations.

“We are proposing complete renovations of the Eva Hilton Primary School,” Lateria Lightbourne an architect with the Ministry of Public Works said.

“Four contractors are on sight and trying to complete the project in time for school. We have been working since March 23.”

A six-classroom block, installation of a pre-school unit, a pavilion, new drainage system, administration building and a library are among the new additions to the school. Renovations also include the conversion of the existing administration building to a computer lab, a science lab, covered walkways and a parking lot security booth.

“The school is making preparations to have about 20 pre-school students in the next semester so we are using existing classrooms to renovate into a pre-school,” she noted.

The school is also undergoing major works in the interior.

“The school is old. We are treating for termites, taking out old plywood, changing cabinets and doing major renovations to all of the existing classrooms. This has not happened to Oakes Field in a while,” she added.

“A lot of teachers were working in conditions that were not the best. We are bringing the school up to a level, a proper standard.”

Approximately 60 workers are presently on the site. Lightbourne said they have experienced “minor” challenges including rain, which has impeded progress but anticipates completing work before school re-opens in September.

Chief Architect Tim Johnson emphasized that the contractors are going beyond the call of duty to get the job done – working on weekends and after 5:00 p.m.

“In the face of challenges, they are still pushing,” Johnson said.