Eva Hilton neighbour gets much needed help

Eva Hilton neighbour gets much needed help

“I want my plants back,” was the cry of Maria Simmons on Thursday, pleading to anyone who would listen.

The matter was so dear to her heart that it brought her to tears. On Friday, however, she was singing a new tune.

Simmons, a retired nurse who has lived in the same house since 1958, said she does not have a lot of money and grows what she can in her yard to help cut costs. She grew plantains and peas among other things but they are now destroyed.

The cause according to Simmons is the ongoing construction at the Eva Hilton Primary School. Her once fertile yard is dried out with brown, brittle and broken trees and plants.

Her story caught the eye of the school’s principal Jermaine Butler and school administrator who contacted the construction company to get to the bottom of the matter.

According to head contractor Anthony Roker, it was the first time he was made aware of the dilemma but explained the issue leading to the death of Simmons’ plants.

“the water came over with the new well,” Roker said.

“Where we are is a lot of lime, so as the trucks were digging, limestone got in the water and the lime will burn but rest assured, her plants will come back to life.”

Butler said both parties are committed to doing everything necessary to rectify the situation.

“We have decided that whatever is necessary to have everything rectified is definitely going to be done,” he said.

According to Roker, landscaping on Simmons’ yard will begin next week.

Although appreciative of the promise, Simmons said she won’t be satisfied until she sees words in action.


This article was written by GINELLE LONGLEY, Eyewitness News intern.