Etienne finishes second in high jump at weekend meet in Indiana

Etienne finishes second in high jump at weekend meet in Indiana

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – University of Indiana sophomore Jyles Etienne finished second overall in the men’s high jump this weekend in a dual meet against University of Tennessee at Gladstein Fieldhouse in Bloomington, Indiana.

Etienne’s performance helped lead the Hoosiers to a 72-50 victory. He lept a season best 7’1” to finish behind Tennessee’s Darryl Sullivan.

The jump marked Etienne’s third time clearing 7’0” as a Hoosier.

It also ranked eight overall in America in the high jump rankings. He jumped 7’0.5” in a win in December at the Hoosier Open.

Jordan Wesner, from Memphis, leads the way this season with a leap of 7’4.5”, followed by Daniel Armstrong, from Marquette, with a jump of 7’3”. Isaiah Kyle (Wingates), Myles Pringle (Ashland) and Darryl Armstron (Tennessee) are in a three-way tie for third at 7’2.5”.

“With the jump in the season opener, it was something that I knew I was able to do,” Etienne said. “Knowing is one thing, but I was also glad I was able to get it done at the meet. With that behind me now, I have to continue to improve and work on being a better athlete. I’m looking forward to getting back out there and competing again.”

The former Stony Brook High School standout made the transition to Indiana last summer, and according to Etienne, he’s still adjusting to life as a division one student athlete.

“You know there are things like practice, classwork and the cold weather that make the process a bit more difficult, but I try not to let anything hinder my performance on the field,” Etienne said. “It’s an adjustment process, but things have been going fairly well for me here so far.”

The Hoosiers are back in action on Friday in a dual meet at the University of Kentucky.