Environment minister’s teenage son found dead in “apparent suicide”

Environment minister’s teenage son found dead in “apparent suicide”

NASSAU, BAHAMAS  — Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of the teenage son of Environment Minister Romauld Ferreira.

According to ASP Audley Peters, officers responded to reports that a juvenile was found unresponsive at Ferreira’s Oxford Drive residence shortly after 2pm today.

The teenager was found in his room on the floor with no sign of injuries.

Peters said EMS was called to the scene and performed CPR but their attempts were not successful.

He advised that preliminary investigations determined it was an apparent suicide.

Her Majesty’s Coroner visited the scene and investigations are ongoing.

The police press liaison encouraged Bahamians to find a coping mechanism before making a decision to hurt themselves.

“It certainly has been a very overwhelming couple of months and we encourage persons who may be feeling pressured to take a second look, take a second step back and consider their options,” Peters said.

“Whether it be financial pressure, emotional pressure or pressure from relatives, there is always someone they can find to talk to.

“If that option is not available to them, they can also do things like walk on the beach, self-talk or practice the art of moment meditations, where they use candlelight and quiet their minds down to assist them to deal with the day’s event and not project themselves or their lives too far into the future.

“The truth is we can only handle the matters of the day, so we encourage individuals to practice some form of self-medication, self-encouragement.”


Walk on the beach…as long as jackass doesn’t lock it down again. Guaranteed he has killed more people than he has saved from Kung Flu

Let’s leave the medical advice to medical professionals, ASP Peters. The police need to protect and serve, not offer asinine “solutions” to mental health issues, when they haven’t even gone to actual college, nor taken anything beyond a psych 101 course. People suffering from mental health issues need to seek mental health specialists…like psychiatrists. After that long walk on the beach is done and the flames from the candles flicker out, the issues will still be there if they’re not properly addressed. Parents, listen to your children. You need to be their first line of support. My thoughts go out to the family during this tragedy.

I thought just this. I would ask what qualifies them to offer such advice, but the answer is clearly NOTHING. This is not quality advice. Stand down contributing writer. Report the facts and be on your way. I am sorry to be harsh here, but poor mental health advice is quite dangerous. STANDDOWN!!

I feel bad for the man. To lose a son though all of this and he tested positive for Covid-19 the last time I’ve checked .. I blame Minnie’s for all this .. Nonetheless now that someone in higher ranking has lost a child to suicide I think this should be addressed that it’s real .. My prayers go out to Mr. Romauld Ferreira and his family .. At age 14 I think no parent should has the ability to see their kids go down 6 feet .

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