Enigma costume launch: A real fairytale come true

Enigma costume launch: A real fairytale come true

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Enigma is proving that fairytales do come true after showcasing its fantasy-like carnival costumes themed Once Upon A Time.

Hundreds of screaming Enigma fans turned up to the carnival group’s launch at Mario’s Bowling Alley Concert Grounds recently, eager to get a taste of what’s to come for the 2019 carnival season.

Enigma transformed the grounds into a magical wonderland to give fans the illusion of walking through a fantasy forest

Some of the hottest musicians, like Grammy-award winner, Rik Carey and reggae artist, Mdeez, along with several DJs entertained the crowd throughout the night.

But, the evening’s showstopper came courtesy of the bevy of beauties who strutted down the catwalk showing off vibrant costumes and stunning headpieces adorned with feathers.

Organizers say they were inspired by children’s fairytales and wanted to bring that theme to life.

“Tonight, it’s all about our amazing theme, Once Upon A Time and all of the fairytales you grew up on,” said Anthony “AC” Coakley, one of the group’s founders.

So, it’s going to be a real fairytale fantastic experience and all of your fantasies you’re going to live them.”

Darren Bastian, co-founder of Enigma, said he felt “really good about the ambience, energy and music” during the launch.

“People are really excited about Enigma. Enigma always does things differently. We push the envelope,” he said.

Carnival revellers will have a tough time deciding which of the vibrant costumes they want to wear when they hit the road in May.

This year’s costumes feature the Wicked, Enchanted, Sorcery, Spellbound, Mirror Mirror, Pocahontas, Mulan, Maleficent and Hanami collections.

Organizers say Enigma packages include more than a costume, but revellers will get a continental breakfast, lunch and snacks, unlimited alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages, E-Nation party passes and survival pack and concierge VIP service.

Former Prime Minister Perry Christie, who attended the launch party, said he was “very pleased” with how Junkanoo Carnival has grown and applauded Enigma for elevating the carnival experience.

“When I decided that I would commit myself to the establishment of carnival in The Bahamas, I [was] on television in Trinidad [and] I told the people of Trinidad that I was going home to launch Junkanoo Carnival and said that in five or 10 years we would be as big and as impactful as Trinidad,” he said.

“They thought I was crazy and today we have a number of major groups, one of which is Enigma. I’ve always felt that as carnivals exist worldwide, thousands of people would come to The Bahamas to share in this with us and Enigma – through design, through fun, through offerings – must be one of them that has a large following. I’m very pleased as to what I’m seeing.”

Singer Mdeez says he was happy to perform at a carnival launch event and get so much love from an audience which typically favours soca.

“My favourite part was when the crowd interacted with me.  It feels good to cross boundaries. When you push your performance and you put your work out there, to see the feedback from the people is always the best part. So, once I see that I can get them to make a little bit of noise and get them to enjoy themselves a bit, I feel like my work is done,” he said.

“What’s good about The Bahamas is we have our own thing going on, too. Because I’m an artist and producer, I know how to bridge the gap and mix the genres. Everyone was really receptive to the songs I’ve been playing.”

Enigma will celebrate its fifth year on the road in May.

Organizers are urging carnival goers to get their costumes now before they are sold out.

For more details or to make a purchase, visit www.enigmacarnival.com or they can visit the Enigma Experience Store at Mario’s Bowling Alley.