END OF AN ERA: Loftus Roker dies at age 88



I remember him dearly and fondly as a “no nonsence” man. When he was in charge the Immigration Department was in a better condition than at present.
It was he who along with Prime Minister “The Father” of The Nation who enforced that the Casinos be structured to include 73% Bahamian employment. At the time the average Pit Boss Work Permit was $3,500, Supervisors and Dealers $2,500 not including spouses and children.
He made a difference. He knew and saw rhe future but we dud not respect him. Because he stood up for his belief and country he was ostracized.
I reflect on his life and legacy as a great keader snd a founding “Father” of The Nation. His contributions and service will be tresured and loving remembered.
May his soul Rest Im Peace!

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